About the Project

The Sporktid Project was created to examine the developmental aspects of sport. Where do athletes come from? What were today’s elite athletes doing when they were 5-years-old? What kind of instruction did they receive? Can the training profile of elite performers be understood well enough to apply it to all young athletes? And, if we can decipher elite performance pathways should this become a “best practice” in sport development?

My interest in this topic began in the 1980s when I was coaching in small Southeast Asian country. You can read about this experience here and here.

Since that time knowledge of athlete development has increased. We know more about how people become athletes, we know more about how talent is created, and we know more about the link between childhood physical activity and its effect on both sport development and healthy living. Numerous articles on the site discuss this link.

Governments and sport governing bodies need to create environments where healthy lifestyles and interest in sport is supported. One of the goals of the Sportkid Project is to examine ways in which this can be done. But “creating environments” takes big thinking and probably changes to a country’s sport infrastructure.

The original focus of the site was solely on sport development but research shows that there are several components to this and each has its own significant impact on society. It’s easy to separate these components into interesting things to write about but in practice physical education, athlete development, physical literacy, healthy living, and high performance are not just part of the same thing they are the same thing, any kind of separation is artificial.

The Sportkid Project examines these issues. Successful national sport development depends on a population of youngsters who are active and physically literate, and who enjoy being that way.